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Perfectly Platinum Shampoo + Conditioner Duo


Revitalize your hair color brilliance and say goodbye to brassy tones.
Enhances silver and platinum hues. Specially formulated with a complex blend of botanical actives and natural phyto-pigments derived from Lavender, Centaurea, Mallow and Violet Flowers to boost lustrous platinum and silver highlights and beautifully enhance silver and platinum hues.
Colour Enhance Perfectly Platinum Shampoo
Illuminates and brightens hair color vibrancy by reducing unwanted brassiness while gently cleansing.
Colour Enhance Perfectly Platinum Conditioner
Boosts hair color vibrancy as it reduces unwanted brassiness and recaptures shine, manageability, softness and silkiness.
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The shampoo is really concentrated purple- which works very nicely to keep blondes bright and not brassy. The conditioner works well but I found it not to be moisturizing enough and I ran out of it WAY sooner than the shampoo. (Fortunately you can purchase separately now) I would definitely just purchase the shampoo rather than the system. Just don’t get it mixed up with the other blonde shampoo because Monat will NOT do an exchange for you. (Even if it isn’t opened!) Their customer service is lacking to say the least.

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Yellow be gone

For a few years my normally platinum color has had this yellow tone to it especially at the roots. This system not only says bye bye to that yellow, but also leaves your hair silky smooth

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Love this product

I love this product so much i would by this product if you are wanting the plantium blonde look

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I absolutely love the Platinum Duo, no more brassy color for me.

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