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Ultimately restore and densify your glowing tresses!
  • Intense Repair Treatment Shampoo.
  • Intense Repair Treatment.




Intense Repair Shampoo & Treatment Spray

My husband started on Black Shampoo and after about a year we tried this one and he loves this one too. He also uses the oil on his scalp every night. His hair has transformed. He uses the spray at night also on thinning areas. Even our skeptical hair stylist can believe how different his hair is! He's been using for over two years and loves the results.

I can't believe it!

After menopause and thyroid issues, I had a lot of hair loss to the point of dime sized bald patches. When I started using these products I was skeptical but I saw hair regrowth in about 3-4 weeks. Now about 7 months later all the bald patches are gone and my hair is about 50% thicker. I m thrilled and very grateful.

Duo the Love!

I love this system! The shampoo makes my hair look, feel, and smell so good! And the IRT is awesome - so easy to use and very effective! I started using this in Feb. 2018 and my hair was just cut above my shoulders by about a 1/2" or so and now, Sept. 21st, 2018, it is well below my shoulders! This stuff really works!

I have my hair back!!!

I had tons of postpartum hair loss! I’m talking clumps of hair falling out!! I started using this system and my hair started falling out at a much slower pace and there are several inches of regrowth in only a few months, whereas before I could barely grow my hair! I would highly recommend this to anyone woman fighting postpartum hair loss!!

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